How Do We Find the Correct Feast Dates?

Different Christian and Hebrew sects calculate the dates differently.

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The feast dates are calculated using the strict method of Lev 23:1-44 in accordance with astronomical data. (Gen 1:14)

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Messiah rebuked the scribes (Mat 15:7-9) as hypocrites — those who change the Scriptures to suit themselves — and, consequently now follow their own erroneous dates as though they are holy. (cf., Mat 6:2, 5, 16; 15:7-9; 16:3; 22:13; 23:14-19; Mark 7:6-9; Luke 11:44; 12:56)

Source: This calendar corrects and expands dates on pp. 601-607 of the book, “A Still Small Voice: The Vatican, the USA, and Israel in Bible Prophecy” by John Fritz and Gayle E. Slaughter, ISBN 13: 978-0-9789470-0-2, SkybridgePress.com, 2006.

You can be sure that the scribes who Messiah rebuked as hypocrites are not publishing all the holy dates accurately because they still follow the same changes made by their forefathers.

Yet, it is hard to find a commercial Hebrew calendar that is not authored by the hypocrites who follow the errors of the scribes.

Consequently, many people follow unauthorized new secular “holidays” like Hanukkah; and, proclaim authorized feast dates erroneously based on changes made by the scribes.

Disclaimer: Please check our calculation of the date based on solid evidence and decide which date the Spirit leads you to accept.

Individual proclamations for each feast describe each feast in detail.

Be patient, some documents load slowly; and, some have prior year dates associated with them.

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Why Feast Dates are Important

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You are required to proclaim the feasts of the Creator, “I AM.” (cf., Lev 23:4; Ex 3:14)

The holy feasts (Lev 23:1-44) make up the acceptable year of Messiah. (cf., Luke 4:18; Isaiah 61:2)

During His earthly ministry, Messiah preached, observed, and taught us to preach, observe, and teach His holy feasts and the Ten Commandments.

The feasts and Ten Commandments make up His system of religious truth by which we are saved through His grace.

By observing the true holy days of the Creator, “I AM,” we worship Him in accordance with the First Commandment, and are empowered to follow all the other commandments.

Thereby, we are entitled to partake of all other blessings we ask in His holy name and in accordance with His will.

Thereby, we invite the Holy Spirit (Quodesh Ruach is the Anglicized Hebrew title) into our lives.

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Proclaiming the feasts of the Creator, "I AM," Salvation in Messiah, Filled with Holy Spirit.