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Our Bible studies are being updated to use the proper names to refer to the Creator, Messiah, and Qodesh Ruach.

The following studies are not yet updated because the documents are done one-by-one and posted when ready.

The links may remain the same but the new documents will contain the proper holy names in Anglicized Hebrew (that means English that follows the phonetics of the Hebrew name or word).

The Bible Studies Below Are Visible to All Visitors.

Some Studies May be Viewable Only to Facebook Friends

Log in to facebook, go to our page, and search for the following titles. You may have to click “more” to see more entries since the Facebook overhaul launch on 3/31/2012 appears to have removed a lot of content. If you can’t find it, be patient, as we will update Facebook to add the links as soon as possible.

  • The Sabbaths of Leviticus 23
  • Jesus’ Most Mysterious Speech

Offers and documents are subject to change or cancellation without notice; require internet connection; and, a printer.

Proclaiming the feasts of the Creator, "I AM," Salvation in Messiah, Filled with Holy Spirit.